Gacha Bunny

Gacha Bunny

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Download Free Latest Version v1.0.0.1 of Gacha Bunny APK for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets to Play Puzzle Based Game MOD.

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April 2, 2024
5.1 and Up
67.38 MB
Games, Casual

  • Puzzle Based Gameplay
  • Difficulty Levels
  • Impressive Graphics
  • Free to Play


Do you want to see the Gacha cuties in action in a simulated world? You need to try Gacha Bunny on your mobile phone or tablet. With its puzzle-based gameplay, it aims to give you a challenging interface where you have to remember certain parts that will go missing after a short time.

The Gacha franchise has developed into a full-grown ecosystem with countless modifications. Each MOD has a unique way of representing the game. The same goes for this particular title which has a different and unique way of expressing and presenting various features.

What is Gacha Bunny?

The Gacha Bunny latest version is a modified version of Gacha which is a puzzle-based casual game for Android mobile phone and tablet users. Android gamers can now, enjoy the Gacha elements from a different perspective. It all begins by bringing various characters and backgrounds from the original version.

However, the gameplay is created with a different mindset and it varies from what you might expect. Based on various levels, the game proceeds with the increase of difficulty level. Each time you pass to the next, the challenge will be harder than before. How long can you go before failure hits you hard? Time to find that by playing the game right now.

Key Features of This Gacha MOD

The Gacha Bunny Android version is a great way of exploring another aspect of Gacha just like Gacha Nox and Gacha Cute. You will find many features of this game unique and one of a kind in the gaming market. Here is a short description of the main points:

A Different Set of Activities Waiting

The best aspect of this mobile game is the different set of activities in which the players can participate. This provides a venue for them to explore other aspects by going off the beaten path. That is the reason why this modified version has a separate fan base among mobile phone and tablet users. Pick your Android devices, start the journey of exploration, and accept the challenges to take the game forward.

Climb up the Level Ladder

The main theme is all about performing various tasks. The Gacha Bunny mobile game has a number of levels to go ahead with it. The difficulty goes higher and higher as you pass from one level to the next. This boosts the excitement and engagement of the players by increasing the demand for attention and practice. Keep playing and go higher and higher at your own pace.

Impressive Graphics

From the characters to the background, the change of imagery with each level, everything looks impressively detailed. You will find that community interactions and engagement further improve your experience. Every time there is a reason for you to keep going without a pause.

Easy To Play

The Bunny version comes with a simple and easy game control setup. All you have to do is wait for the image to change. As soon as some items on the menu vanish, it is time for you to locate them at their original locations by tapping the screen at the exact same point. You must bear in mind that there are there is a time limit to locate all the items.

How to Get Gacha Bunny Download and Installation?

The process of getting the games on your Android mobile phone or tablet using Android package kit files is a bit different. This is because while using Google Play Store, you have the direct installation step while using a package file, there are additional steps involved. Here is what to do:

  1. Find the ‘Download’ button on the screen and tap on it.
  2. Wait for the package file to appear and press the icon again.
  3. Here it will show a warning along with the ‘Download Anyway,’ icon on the screen.
  4. Press this icon and the downloading process will start.
  5. Next, go to the ‘Security Settings’ tab under the settings icon from the main screen and enable unknown sources. With this, you can easily install third-party games using package files.
  6. Now wait for the process to complete and head to the ‘Downloads’ folder from the ‘Files’ icon.
  7. Then locate the Gacha Bunny package file and tap on it. Allow permissions and then press ‘next.’

Wait for the process to conclude and then you can go to the main screen and locate the game icon. Time to play.


Gacha Bunny is a modified version of Gacha life where you will find various elements in a changed and modified manner shedding a different light from a different perspective. Go ahead and plunge into this puzzle-filled gameplay and test your memorizing and speculating ability. The download link is waiting for you with the latest version.

Yes, this MOD is free to use and play. There is no subscription or any other requirement.
Yes, there are ads integrated into the gameplay.
Yes, you will get a scanned and verified package file for use. You can use it directly without any additional precautions.