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Gacha Verse

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Download the latest version of Gacha Verse Apk v0.7.8 for Android to play the all-new story mode, battle mode, survival mode, and so on.

APK Details
March 29, 2024
4.1 and Up
93.85 MB
Games, Casual

  • Enjoy HD-quality graphics and responsive controls.
  • Various background sound effects and catchy tracks.
  • Create new characters and customize the existing ones.
  • Play various mini-games for instant entertainment.


Whenever there is a talk about anime games, Gacha games are the first thing that strikes the mind. Today gamers will get to enjoy another exciting version of the series called Gacha Verse. This gaming app brings a whole new story mode, new characters, store items, and much more.

This gaming rendition will bring numerous exciting improvements and enhancements. If you have played any previous renditions from the series, then you must try this one as well. There are various aspects that will make this gaming app exciting for players. We have shared the information below.

What is the Gacha Verse Game?

Gacha Verse Android is Role Playing online anime gaming app. Anime fans are going to have a great time playing this gaming app. Players will be able to download this gaming app from the presented download links. This gaming can be played easily on low and mid-range Android devices.

Players can get started quite easily on this gaming app. It does not require gamers to set up a player ID or go through any registration procedures. The game’s main menu will be accessible right away once the installation process is completed. There is a short video clip when the game is started initially.

This video clip will deliver details of the storyline. If you are not familiar with the Gacha universe, then you should go through the entire video. If you already know the storyline, players can get started by simply skipping the video clip. Players can skip the entire video or the beginning part.

Once players have gone through the entire story, it will be very easy to get started. This gaming app offers an extensive menu. There are a lot of options to through and modes to explore. Some game modes are still in development and will be available when then the next game update comes out.

Pre-loaded Characters

This gaming app will feature multiple pre-build-in anime characters. These characters are highly stylized and very skilled. These characters are unlocked by default and can be used in any mode. Use the characters in story mode or battle mode without restrictions. There option for upgrading characters.

Customization Menu

There are various empty character slots that need to be filled. This means players have an opportunity to create new characters from scratch. The in-game editor is very detailed and creating new characters will be very fun. There is also the option of dressing up the characters with costumes.

Story Mode

This is where players will get to use their creativity. Gamers can create exciting scenes by using all the available characters in Gacha Verse. Players will be tasked with creating an entire story by planning scenes and writing dialogues for each character. This will be an engaging experience to try out.

Battle Mode

This mode will allow players to battle with killer monsters. Gamers will choose a battle unit from their available fleet of fighters. This will be a turn-based battle game. If you are able to damage the monster’s HP, you will win and if not, you will have to restart the whole level again.

This gaming app features plenty more modes such as Training Mode, Challenge, Arena, Survival, and more. Most of these modes are present in other versions of the gaming apps. If you are interested in trying out another version of this game series, you should try Gacha Life and Gacha Luminal.

How to Download and Install Gacha Verse Game File?

The game file can be downloaded instantly from There are two download buttons shared for user ease. A single tap on any button will direct users to the main download menu. The download server takes a few seconds to prepare the file for downloading.

We have listed a few steps below and users must follow these steps to install the file.

  • The first task is to enable installation permission to install files downloaded from third-party sources.
  • This permission can be enabled from Android phone settings>security settings.
  • Once this is done, users need to locate the downloaded from the downloads folder.
  • Tap on the downloaded file and wait for the installation prompt to appear.
  • Once the prompt appears, tap on the install button and wait for the installation process to end.

Key Features of Gacha Verse Game

  • This gaming app is free to download.
  • It does not require any mandatory in-game purchases.
  • The user interface loads without a delay.
  • Account registration is not required to get started.
  • Enjoy HD-quality graphics and responsive controls.
  • Various background sound effects and catchy tracks.
  • Create new characters and customize the existing ones.
  • Play various mini-games for instant entertainment.
  • Plenty of game modes to explore and play.
  • Third-party advertisements are not allowed.
  • Many more…

Final Words

This is a chance for gamers to enjoy the latest version of the Gacha Verse Game. This part of the game series brings plenty of exciting changes and improvements for gamers to try out.

This gaming app supports Android version 4.2 and higher.
Players won’t find this gaming app on the Google Play Store.
Yes, gamers can enjoy various modes of the game in offline mode.