Samsung Game Launcher

Samsung Game Launcher

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Download Free Latest Version v7.0.50.1 of Samsung Game Launcher for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets to Get A Better Gaming Experience.

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March 17, 2024
4.4 and Up
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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Mute Notifications
  • Game Tracking
  • Screen Time Stats
  • Game Discovery
  • Improved Battery Health


After rooting or getting manual updates, many apps and games need to be updated manually by users. If you have a Samsung mobile phone or tablet and you love playing games on your device, then you need Samsung Game Launcher up and running for an optimal experience. Get the Android package kit file here to start your journey.

When dealing with various third-party apps, the official sources are always working best as they are developed keeping in view the needs and requirements of the brand. That is why when it comes to a great gaming experience on Samsung don’t go any further than their official launcher.

What is Samsung Game Launcher?

The Samsung Game Launcher latest version brings the official and optimized launcher for the company devices. A free app that prepares the smartphone according to the special requirements of the games. Thus my earmarking the resources for various titles helps reduce battery power consumption as well as frees up RAM and reduces processor consumption.

A fully functional and feature-laden platform that allows Android gamers to control the system resources and functions from one place. At the same time, they can enjoy other facilities like streaming, game resolution control, key locking, notification disabling/enabling,   etc.

Key Features of This Game Booster

The Samsung Game Launcher Android app is not only bringing the most required and essential functions to the device but more. Unlike Gaming Mode Pro and Game Space Red Magic, this is a brand-specific tool. Here is the list of its main features:

Exclusively for Samsung Devices

Google Play Store and other third-party platforms are full of generic game boosters. But when you can get an exclusive application from the maker themselves, a better experience is ensured. Launch games, discover new ones, and track the games and their background processes. It knows what is best for the devices based on its hardware and software capabilities. Thus a premium experience is guaranteed with 100% compatibility.

Built-in Game Discovery

Why bother looking for gaming titles around the web, Play Store, and official sources when you can get all the relevant information and files in one place? Samsung Game Launcher app comes with a great feature called ‘Game Discovery,’ which brings a large collection of games. Browse through this list and find your favorites and trending items on one single interface. Tap on a title and find more information about it including details, gameplay, stats, videos, screenshots, and more.

Play Heavy Games Easily

This gaming platform’s main purpose is to prepare your device for a perfect experience using the available hardware setup on the device. This means you can free up more RAM, processor capacity, and other aspects for perfect gaming. This makes sure there is no lag, ping hikes, and battery draining unnecessarily.

Simple Interface with Upgrades

The basic difference between the Samsung Game Launcher application and other apps in the same category is straightforward. One way to see it is the regular upgrades which will be delivered in real time to your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, this application has a simple interface which makes the whole navigation and usage simple. Move from one part to the next and enjoy the smooth working.

No Subscription Required

Though this platform has all the premium qualities, it has no price tag attached to it. This means an Android user can enjoy the perks brought by this tool without worrying about any pending or future payments. Coupled with regular updates, is everything available in one place.

How to Do Samsung Game Launcher Download and Installation?

The process that is involved when dealing with Android package kit files is simple. All you need to do is follow a simple guide and in a short while the app icon will be available on the home screen of your Samsung device. Here is every step explained:

  1. The download button is available on this page, just tap it and it will take you to the server side where the package file will be available in a short while. Tap on the file button and it shows the ‘Download Anyway,’ icon along with a warning. This third-party website is home to all kinds of package files that are scanned and verified. Thus go ahead and tap the icon.
  2. Once the action is taken the file will start getting copied to your device. Now simply go ahead and find security settings inside the ‘Settings’ icon on the main screen. Here enable unknown sources. After this, you can install all kinds of third-party apps and games.
  3. Wait for the downloading to complete and then go to ‘Files’ and find the ‘Downloads’ folder to locate the Samsung Game Launcher file. Press it and it shows a list of permissions that must be allowed. Then press ‘next’ and wait for the process to complete. The launcher icon will appear on the Android device screen now.


Samsung Game Launcher is an official platform from the company that has every essential function you can expect from a game launcher and booster. With its amazing functions and services, it is a fine example of premium facilities at zero cost. Enjoy every service by tapping the download button now.

This is a Samsung-specific tool and will not run on other brand devices.
Yes, it is a scanned and verified file which can be used directly.
Yes, this tool enables you to play all the games that are compatible with the device specifications.