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Download the latest version of Psiphon Pro Apk v393 for Android and hiding your real IP address by connection to a random proxy server.

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March 29, 2024
4.0 and Up
20.6 MB
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Psiphon Inc.

  • Users can unlock the premium servers.
  • Add your custom configurations to the proxy settings.
  • Connect to responsive sever around the globe.
  • Ping rate info is available with every server.
  • Use the tool in browser-only mode or in device mode.


A VPN tool is the best option to keep your online activity safe and private. User data can get compromised while surfing the internet. Psiphon Pro is a high-end virtual private network tool for Android users. It delivers the best services and features for unblocking banned sites and apps.

VPN tools can be used for various purposes. The most common reason is bypassing geo-restrictions. A lot of apps and websites are banned in certain countries. These tools allow users to bypass the restrictions by changing the current location to a fake one. There is a lot more to learn about it.

What is the Psiphon Pro App?

Psiphon Pro Android is a virtual private network tool for global users. This proxy tool will allow users to hide their original location without any complications. Using this application is extremely simple and there won’t be any account registration requirements. It offers plenty more exciting features.

The tool will be accessible right after installation is completed. Numerous websites across the web fetch user data without prior permission. These sites fetch the user’s location without even letting the user know. Once the IP address is leaked, it can be used for various hacking activities.

If you are constantly visiting anonymous websites, then you should get a VPN tool. The tool will hide your original IP and give you a new one. Users have the option of switching the IP address simply by switching the servers. It delivers both free servers and premium servers for users.

Now accessing the premium servers will require users to spend money. The application offers multiple subscription plans and users can buy anyone easily. The app’s free servers are good enough and there is no mandatory requirement of buying the premium services.

Global Servers

This Android tool will deliver worldwide servers. Users can connect to any server they desire without any limitations. However, as mentioned, there will be few premium servers. These servers can be used only after buying the premium subscription. The free servers will do the job as well.

Security and Privacy

This tool offers a wide selection of security protocols. An ordinary VPN tool does not offer so many options. This will allow users to access a lot of places on the internet that aren’t accessible normally. Users can add their proxy settings as well for specific tasks over the web.

Activity Stats

This VPN tool offers stats for all the user activity over the web. Users will be able to locate a stats section easily on the app. Once the user is connected to a server, the stats will start running. This is essential information but understanding the information on this panel might be hard for some users.

Usage Preferences

This is a very unique feature and only a few tools have it. Users will be able to run the tool in browser-only mode and Device mode. This means users can avoid selecting apps to access the VPN settings. If you are using a VPN for web surfing, then the browser mode is meant for you.

This a great choice for accessing blocked sites and ensuring web security. Users can add their configuration settings. If you are looking for added security, you can buy the pro version. Users can also try more similar tools such as Ostrich VPN and XNXubd VPN.

How to Download and Install Psiphon Pro App File?

Android users can download the app file from the presented buttons. There are two download buttons shared for user ease. A single tap on any button will initiate the download process. Downloading will begin automatically after a delay of 5 to 10 seconds.

Users now have to start the installation process. Now begin installing, users must enable installation permission for files downloaded from third-party sources. This option is present in the Android phone settings>security settings. After this, users need to follow the default installation steps.

  • Visit the file manager>downloads folder and locate the downloaded file.
  • Tap on the downloaded file and wait for the wizard to appear.
  • As the installation prompt appears, tap on the install button and wait for the process to end.

Key Features of the Psiphon Pro App

  • This Android tool is free to download and install.
  • It does not require any mandatory purchases.
  • Users can unlock the premium servers.
  • Add your custom configurations to the proxy settings.
  • Connect to responsive sever around the globe.
  • Ping rate info is available with every server.
  • Use the tool in browser-only mode or in device mode.
  • Exclude desired apps from VPN services.
  • Unblock banned websites.
  • Get real-time stats for all the activity.
  • Many more…

Final Words

Android users can now keep their location and other data private. Psiphon Pro App won’t allow unknown sources to collect your location details and other data.

Psiphon Pro App offers both free and premium versions. Users can go for whatever version works best for them.
Android users can directly install this tool from the Google Play Store.
The app does offer an iOS version but here we are only offering the Android version.