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Download HeyTap Games Apk For Android and Enjoy Using Different Powerful Optimizers, Booster Features Including Recorders For Free.

APK Details
March 15, 2024
Android 5.0+
5.6.0_forum (50600090)
53 MB
Apps, Tools

  • Games Manager.
  • Finder and Explorer.
  • Gameplay Booster.
  • Voice Changer.
  • GPU Settings. 
  • Screen Recorder.
  • Call Blocker.
  • Championship Mode.


The majority of Android game lovers like to play a series of different gameplays on their smartphones. However, it is always difficult to download and manage those games due to a lack of resources. Thus focusing on easy assistance, the developers are successful in providing HeyTap Games.

Basically, the Android tool we are presenting here is popular for managing and optimizing games. Now installing the particular application offers the freedom to rate plus review gameplay on their own experience. Remember this particular feature is not accessible inside old smartphones.

However, here we are fortunate to present the Android version of all smartphones. Now directly downloading and installing the Booster App allows gamers to enjoy managing plus optimizing gameplay. Moreover, it is also possible to boost performance with one click like we use to do in Game Space and Game Turbo.

What is HeyTap Games?

HeyTap Games App is a wonderful News & Magazines based Android application developed by ColorOS. Now this wonderful tool is only operational with ColorOS-compatible devices. Here the Android App provides access to ratings, reviews, game ranking, optimization, boosting performance, and more.

Previously, when people had no access to such powerful Apps, they had no other alternative option. Mostly they think that their smartphone become old and lazy. So they go to buy a new device. Yet, the majority of people cannot afford to purchase brand-new devices due to expensive costs.

Thus such mobile users search for the best alternative free online solutions. Although the market is already dumbed with tons of different third-party tools. However, those tools have minimum impact on devices. Further, such Apps may only offer access to restrictive features. Thus those tools never provide freedom.

Therefore focusing on all these problems, the developers are successful in presenting this new booster tool. Now installing HeyTap Games Download allows Android users to enjoy the latest optimized features. Here the application not only assists in optimizing performance but also helps in doing different operations.

Key Features of The Android App

The mobile application is latest and rich in powerful features. It is not possible to list those accessible options above here. However, here in this section of the App, we’ll mention all the key details briefly. Reading those details assists gamers in understanding the app easily.

Manage Games

Here the Android App provides access to this advanced new UI design dashboard. Here the dashboard offers the freedom to add plus manage games using options. Further, allowing the App will automatically manages gameplay. This resource manager is quite powerful and equipped with modern technology.

Live Finder and Explorer

Game lovers always love to know what gameplays are trending and newly released. Here the Finder and Explorer category provides access to a wide selection of different games. Now it becomes easier to identify the Most Played and Trending games with one click. Remember the same option also offers the freedom to directly download endless gameplays.

App Manager and Controller

While playing games, users also love to perform multitasks adjacently. There are no direct options accessible to perform multitasks. However, here inside HeyTap Games Android, the developers provide an App Manager and Controller. Now using this option, players can easily perform multitasks adjacently playing games.

FPS Optimizer & Champion Mode

The mobile game players always love to check and explore the support FPS rate. Now using the particular tool, the users can easily determine the FPS rate. Moreover, it also helps in having champion mode. Now this mode only allows a smooth gameplay experience locking other random operations.

Simple and Mobile Friendly

The Android App team ApkLadda is providing here is friendly and user-friendly. Further, focusing on players’ assistance, the developers integrate multiple powerful features. Those include a Call Blocker, Screenshot, Screen Recording, Network Optimizer, Touch Optimizer, Quick Startup, Voice Changer, GPU Setting, and more.

How To Download HeyTap Games?

Before we jump directly toward installation and utilization of the App. The initial step is downloading and for that mobile users can trust our website. Because here on our website we only offer authentic and original Apps.

To make sure the mobile user’s security and privacy, we also hired an expert team. Unless the team is not assured about smooth operation, we never offer the application inside the download section. For downloading the latest version of the Android Optimizer Tool please click on the download link button.


Those Android game players who are experiencing this great difficulty playing games due to a lack of resource management. Then in this regard, we recommend those game players download and install HeyTap Games. Here the application provides plenty of different options including boosters for free.

Now this mobile tool is mainly used to manage games and boost device performance.
The version we are providing here is only operational with ColorOS-compatible devices.
The mobile tool we are providing here is fully secure and safe. Further, we already installed it inside multiple smartphones. After installing it, we find it fully safe and smooth.