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Gaming Mode Pro

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Download the Latest Version of Gaming Mode Pro Apk on Android Phones to Boost your Gaming Experience By Optimizing Different Resources.

APK Details
March 17, 2024
5.0 and Up
15.74 MB
Apps, Tools

  • Game Booster.
  • Blocks all types of notifications, calls, and messages from WhatsApp, Messenger, Mobile Numbers, and others.
  • Auto Reject Calls.
  • Block Internet Connection for specific apps.
  • Offers both Free and Premium features.
  • Customized Brightness.


Do you want to play and enjoy your favorite games smoothly and seamlessly, whether they are offline or online? If so, then Gaming Mode Pro is the ultimate tool app for your Android phone. It enhances the gaming performance by allowing you to adjust and optimize various resources, fixing lag issues, and more.

It is an awesome game booster tool just like Game Turbo and HeyTap Games, where gamers can have a variety of modifications. The best thing is that the tool is completely legal and safe to use with any game you want. Let’s get deeper into the app and understand what else you are going to have.

What is Gaming Mode Pro?

Gaming Mode Pro is a game booster tool for Android phones. Gamers can legally improve their gaming experience and skills with this app. It allows players to adjust various resources and create a suitable environment for all types of offline and online games, such as blocking calls, game booster, fixing lag, network acceleration, and more.

If you want to play your desired games like a pro gamer, then you must have a gaming phone. However, gaming devices are pretty much expensive and not everyone can afford them. Therefore, team ApkLadda has come up with this game enhancement tool that enables you to convert your phone into a premium gaming console with a few adjustments.

How Does the App Work?

There are multiple things gamers can do using this tool to take their gaming experience to the next level. So, it blocks notifications, calls, and messages. Also, it removes useless processes in the background to create free space on RAM. Furthermore, users can divert the internet connection to any specific game while blocking it to other apps.

It is a simple tool, yet very powerful. Once you select the games and add them to its game space, it will automatically fix everything for you. However, you will have to make some adjustments according to your requirements. Thereafter, it will apply that to all games whenever you add them to its single interface.

Key Features

Let’s discuss some of its key features one by one. So you can easily understand and get an idea of what you are going to have in the Gaming Mode Pro App.

Auto Reject Calls

If you receive calls during the game, particularly at crucial moments, then it spoils the overall experience of the game. Hence, you can now use the Auto Reject Calls option to block any type of call. Once you enable the option, it will block calls from mobile numbers, WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

Block All Notifications

Usually, notifications float on your phone’s screen while playing games. This can disrupt your focus and sometimes you accidentally tap on those notifications, as a result, it closes or minimizes the game. But this tool allows you to block them once and for all and you don’t see them while playing any game that you have added in the game space.

Game Booster

Enable game booster and you don’t need to go into resolution settings, GFX, and other complicated settings. Once you enable the Game Booster, it will automatically improve the game, making it smooth, seamless, and faster.

Fix Brightness

Every gamer has diverse preferences regarding brightness, some feel convenient playing games in less brightness, but some feel inconvenient. To address this, this tool offers an option for gamers to adjust the brightness according to their convenience.

Ringtone and Media Volume

In the game space, you can have different settings for ringtone and media volume. You can have specific adjustments in the game space that will not affect the rest of your phone.

Internet Access Customization

It allows you to block internet access to specific apps and games. So it decreases the hindrance on your internet connection and diverts the whole strength to a specific game that you want to play.

Add Games in Single Interface

Add all your favorite games to the app and access them conveniently. While it automatically configures the adjustments, once you add the game to its space.

How to Download and Install Gaming Mode Pro App on Android Phone?

Whether you want to install it on your Android smartphone or tablet, the process is the same and here I have explained that in simple steps.

  • Tap on the download button and wait for a while.
  • Open the File Manager app.
  • Go to the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the app that you have downloaded from this page.
  • Select the install option.
  • It will take a few seconds to complete the installation process.
  • Wait for that.
  • Then open the app.
  • Grant all the permissions.
  • Enjoy.


Several modifications you can make to improve your gaming experience on Android smartphones with Gaming Mode Pro. So install its latest version from the link given on this page to explore and experience its outstanding game enhancement features for free as well as paid.

It is free to download and use. But along with the freemium features, it offers paid ones.
Yes, it is safe and offers legal ways to improve your gaming.