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Download Free Latest version of Game Space Red Magic Nubia APK For Android Mobile Phones To Enhance Gaming Experience For Free.

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May 20, 2024
7.0 and Above
45.3 MB
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Boosts Performance
Improves Network Stability
Customizes Gaming Experience
Macro Recording
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Game Space Red Magic is a simple Android booster tool that helps Android users boost their gaming experience while playing different fast-paced games like PUBG, Fortnite, Mobile Legends Bang Bang etc. Download and install the latest Game Space Red Magic App on your smartphone and tablet to enhance your gaming experience with new booster tools and features for free.

The newly released app is mainly designed for Red Magic smartphone users who use old Red Magic devices with limited features. By using this new Red Magic game space app users will boost their device performance and also get some extra features that are usually found in high-end Red Magic devices.

RedMagic smartphone users can easily download and install this new app on their devices from their official website or the Google Play store for free. In addition, we also share the APK file of this new game space app on our website for our viewers so that they can easily access the APK file for free.

What is the Game Space Red Magic App?

As mentioned in the above paragraph it is the new and latest Android booster developed and released by Nubia for Android users who want to convert their device into a gaming console to play all fast-paced games smoothly for free. This app adds an extra game control center to their device which helps users perform many advanced tasks that users will only get on advanced smartphones and gaming consoles only.

After smartphone technology, people have stopped using game consoles like PlayStations, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc. Now they prefer smartphones and tablets to play video games. People who have the latest advanced technology phones can easily play all games on their devices without any issues because these advanced smartphones have special tools and features for gamers.

However many people still use old low-end devices that cannot support all games because their devices have limited specifications that are not enough to support fast-paced games. To help such smartphone users mobile brands have released various game space apps that offer simple game control centres with advanced boosters and gaming tools. By using these game space apps users will get a chance to play all the games smoothly on low-end devices too.

Friendly to say, there are tons of different game space apps for every smartphone brand. Due to a huge number of apps like HeyTap Games and G Vortex, many newbies cannot choose the best game space app for their devices. Today we are back with new game space apps which is famous among Red Magic users. Because it helps them to add the below-mentioned extra features or tools to their device for free like,

Key Features

WhatsApp Overlay

As you know getting messages in the middle of the game is very painful because players have to come out of the game to reply. To get rid of this pain Red Magic game space has added special WhatsApp Overlay features which users can easily activate from the game space dashboard before starting the game. Once they activate the WhatsApp overlay features they will get a small WhatsApp window on their screen. From this window, they can easily read all messages and reply to them without leaving the game.

Small window

In this game space app developers have added a small window for gamers which helps the gamers to use other apps on their device without jumping out of the game. Many players want to watch the game of their friends and also want to use other apps on their devices. This app shrinks the game screen into a small window and allows users to access all apps without disturbing you.

Shoulder Triggers

As you know playing a game many times provides you with more control over it. But sometimes players cannot get better control due to control button location and others. This enhanced game space allows users to relocate all game buttons and other things according to their needs.

RedMagic Moment

While playing the game, every player wants to record the best moments. This gamespace feature allows users to record screens and create automatic footage including highlights, winning moments, and losing moments at the end of a game.


As you are aware, sometimes players have to repeat something over and over while playing a game. Due to repetition, players get bored. To help players this game space app provides macros that help players automatically perform all these repetitions. Players can perform various repetitions, such as,

  • Tap Titan
  • Raid
  • Speed Run
  • Crafting

Red Magic Game Space Tools

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Android users will also get several impressive advanced booster tools like,

  • Performance & Network Booster
  • Haptic feedback
  • Display enhancement
  • Voice changer
  • Battery Optimizer

How to download and install the Game Space Red Magic App on Android devices?

Android users can easily download and install this enhanced booster app on their device from the Google Play Store or their official website for free. People who want to download and install it from a third-party website should download and install it from our website using the direct download link given at the start of the article. While installing the app allow all permissions as well as allow unknown sources in security settings.


Game Space Red Magic App Download Android is the latest game control centre for Android devices with advanced gaming tools and features. If you want to add advanced gaming tools and features to your device then you should try this new app and share it with other gamers.

It is the new and latest game space app for Android gamers to enhance their gaming experience by improving various device features and specifications for free.
No, this app is only useful for Red Magic devices.
Yes, this is an official app that is safe and legal to download and use.