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Download Latest Version Gacha World APK For Android Smartphones & Tablets To Play Game With New Units And Legendary Summoner.

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April 14, 2024
5.0 and Above
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Gacha World is a popular Android game with both RPG and Gacha Systems where players have to collect different game characters, train them, and then fight against enemies and bosses in various game modes. Download and install the latest version of Gacha World Game on your smartphone Gacha version with new characters and game modes.

As you know there are tons of different official and mod versions of Gacha games online on both official and third-party websites. But people love this new version because of its colourful graphics, engaging graphics, a wide range of game characters, multiple game modes, and other unique features that users will know after installing the latest version of this new fun and addictive anime game.

What is the Gacha World Game?

As mentioned in the above paragraph it is the most recent Gacha RPG game developed and released by Lunime for Android users from all around the world who want to play new Gacha game with new game units, story modes, Gacha leagues and other features for free.

Like Gacha Nymph and Gacha Plus other Gacha games in this new game players have to option to create their anime-style characters and summon other players to fight against them in story mode. Players will get a chance to collect more than 90 different anime characters with different skills and abilities.

In this new game version players will get a chance to participate in the below-mentioned game modes.

Gacha World Game Modes

Players have the option to play the game in any of the below-mentioned game modes which have different gameplay like,

Story Mode:

In this game mode, players have to uncover the untold secrets of the Gacha game by playing the game in the main storyline and also encountering all Gacha characters.


As mentioned in the title, this game mode allows players to participate in different game events with distinct challenges and rewards. Players will be able to participate in daily, weekly and monthly events.

PVP Leagues:

In this game mode players will get a chance to fight against other players online and get special gifts and rewards after winning matches against other players.

Boss Raid:

Players will be able to win rare rewards and gifts after defeating powerful bosses in this game mode. To defeat powerful bosses players have to team up with other players.

Tower Mode:

With this mode, you have to destroy a tower filled with difficult enemies to test your strength.

Studio Mode:

This game mode allows players to create their own customized game characters and design unique game scenes using various game items like pets, backgrounds, units and other rare objects. Players will know after installing the latest version of this new game.

As this is an official Gacha game players will easily find the APK file of this new Gacha game on the Google Play Store where it has been downloaded by more than one million users from all around the world with a positive rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. If you want to download this game, download it from the Google Play store or directly from our website for free.

To download and install the latest version of this new game from our website tap on the direct download button given at the end of the article. While installing the game allow all permissions and enable unknown sources in security settings. After installing Gacha World open it and start playing with the below-mentioned game features:

Key Features

Collectable Units:

In this new game version players will get more than 180 different units with different rarity levels from common to legendary with special skills and abilities.

Game Modes:

Players will play the game in multiple game modes like Story, PVP League, Boss Raid, Tower, Studio, and Event modes.

Gacha System:

In this new game, players will get the latest Gacha system which allows players to collect game units, pets and other features and also earn game gems by completing various game missions and quests.

Character Building:

This new game allows players to boost their character’s skills and abilities through special training. Players will also be able to equip their characters with special weapons and armour that help them fight against bosses and enemies.

Turn-Based Battles:

Players will battle against other players in story mode, event mode and other game modes. Players will also get the option to build a team of four players to strengthen their skills and abilities to fight against booses in boss raid mode.


Allow players to customize their game characters and units with different outfits, skins, and accessories to personalize their appearance and stand out in battle.


In this game, players will be exposed to advertisements and in-game items added by developers to generate money.


Free to download and play.


Gacha World Game Download Android is the latest anime RGP’s extensive collection of Gacha characters and objects. If you want to play a new Gacha game with new game modes and features, try this new version and share it with other Gacha fans. So that more players will enjoy it. Subscribe to our page at APKLadda for more apps and games.

It is a new Gacha game that provides Gacha fans with the latest Gacha system and RPG game features.
Yes, this new game is safe and legal to download and play.
Yes, this game is free to download and play.