Gacha Sweetu

Gacha Sweetu

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Download Free Gacha Sweetu Apk Latest Version to get improved edition of Gacha on Android device.

APK Details
April 14, 2024
5,0 and Above
189.99 MB
Games, Casual

  • New Gacha Edition
  • Improved Characters
  • More Customization
  • More Items Added
  • Get New Studio Tools
  • More Backgrounds
  • Much More


Gacha Sweetu is the newly available Chinese Modified Version of Gacha. This newly available modified game provides a unique collection of modifications. Therefore, get attractive characters, new presets, items, backgrounds, and many more improvements. Download this newly available game and explore all available improved features.

People from all over the globe enjoy playing various types of games. The Android device is the most popular available gaming console providing the largest collection of games. Among all available gaming devices, the Android is commonly used by billions of active users. Hence, get information related to the newly available mobile game here.

What is Gacha Sweetu Game?

Gacha Sweetu App is an Android Casual Modified Gaming Application. It is a fan-based modified edition of the Gacha Star Mobile Game. This modified edition adds the best collection of changes to make the existing content. Therefore, get a unique gameplay with available unique features. Enjoy playing the Chinese Gacha edition on an Android device.

For any gamer, a diverse collection of games are available. However, the Gacha is one of the most popular available games providing a unique combination of features. Millions of gamers all over the globe enjoy playing this unique gaming app. So, we are here with an unofficial edition for you all. Hence, get details related to the best available fan-developed edition.

GachaSweetu is the newly available mobile application providing a unique combination of improved features. Therefore, Players will enjoy playing the most unique casual game. Apart from gaming features, the studio features are also improved. Hence, creating various animated scenes is also possible. Enjoy exploring the diverse improvements in the gameplay. Gacha Plus and Gacha Universal are also newly available mod of Gacha.

Sweetu Theme

The complete theme of this newly available game is changed. Therefore, get a completely new panel, introduction image, graphics, and much more content. Additionally, touch effects and bright colors are added. Players will get a unique and creative theme. Hence, enjoy exploring the available unique features of this game.


The major improvements in this mod are added to the Studio. Therefore, players will get more options to create unique animations. Find a diverse collection of Backgrounds, Poses, Directions, and relative controls. Additionally, the studio allows users to create high-quality content using this game. Explore available unique studio features and have fun gameplay.


All the Seven Characters are available in this game. The Names of the characters are the same as the official Gacha. However, the appearance has been modified. Therefore, get more Asian appearance of Gacha characters in this unique mod game. Access all available characters and have an entertaining experience. Get the best appearance of characters with this modified edition.


Customization of available characters has been improved to the next level. Therefore, players will get more control over the character creation and customization. Get the largest collection of newly available presets and items to make changes. Explore available customization panels and create creative characters with special attributes.

  • Presets
  • Body
  • Head
  • Clothes
  • Props
  • Chat
  • Pet
  • Objects
  • More

Sweetu Battle & Mini-Games

In this edition, the modes of the game aren’t changed. Therefore, players will get the official modes such as Story Mode, Training Tower, and much more. Additionally, the mini-games are also same as the official ones. So, players will get a unique and entertaining experience of gaming on this unique edition. Get unique changes in the available official game modes.

Sweetu Units

The Units play an important role in the gameplay. A diverse collection of items can be unlocked using the units. In this official edition, getting units is quite difficult. However, players can easily win the largest collection of units in this exciting mobile game. Hence, unlock all available items and enjoy playing this unique mobile game.

GachaSweetu Download on an Android device to get access to all available unique features. The basic features of this Chinese-modified game are mentioned here. But, many more unique features are still unexplored. Therefore, the right way to explore is to download and play. Hence, get information related to the downloading process below.

How To Download Gacha Sweetu?

The downloading process of this mobile application is quite simple and easy. This website provides a one-tap downloading system. Find the DOWNLOAD button on this page and tap on it. The downloading process will automatically start with a tap. Searching on the internet for the app isn’t necessary anymore.


Gacha Sweetu Game Mod is a unique mobile game providing a Chinese model of Gacha. However, the supported language is English. Players can enjoy gaming without any problem. Additionally, more similar games are available on this website. Follow to get more unique modified games.

Yes, this game supports multiple languages. Users can change the language from the settings section.
Use the Units to unlock all available items.
Change the Language from the settings. However, some parts are only available in the Chinese language.