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Gacha Plus

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Download the latest version of Gacha Plus Apk v1.0.2 mod For Android and get access to unlimited assets, character slots, and more.

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April 2, 2024
5.0 and Up
132.8 MB
Games, Casual


If you have been a fan of the Gacha game series, then Gacha Club would be familiar to you. There are different official and unofficial versions available online. Gacha Plus is one of the unofficial versions that gamers must try. This gaming app is trying to add new assets, background, and much more.

Millions of gamers have downloaded this gaming app. Most gamers have only played the official version only. The official version is extremely but the modified rendition offers something much more exciting. The best part is that there aren’t any changes made to the official layout and features.

What is the Gacha Plus Game?

Gacha Plus Android is the latest modified version of the Gacha Club game. This rendition will bring players access to unlimited store items. The existing assets, background, and characters will be included along with the collection of added features. This is going to be an exciting experience for players.

As mentioned in the beginning, the official developers Lunime have offered multiple renditions of the game. Most of these renditions require charges to download and play. This is a huge bummer because most gaming enthusiasts cannot afford to buy games. Hence alternatives like these are created.

It is common knowledge that third-party renditions are considered unethical and illegal. There is a risk of account suspension if the game requires a game ID to get started. Almost every gamer is aware of the consequences and they still want to try out the modified versions on their devices.

The reason players are willing to take the risk is the features they get. Mod games offer tons of extra features as compared to the official gaming app. Similarly, today’s modified rendition will present an excess of features. We will mention some features below so readers get an idea of what to expect.

New Assets

All the official games offer an excess of asset collection. That still is not enough for many gamers. That is why these mod developers are offering new Assets every two weeks. This means players will get Accessories, Clothes, Facial features, Weapons, Posses, Background, and more to try out.


There are various pre-loaded characters in the official gaming app. There is also the option of creating completely new characters. However, the slots for creating new characters are limited. This gaming app is going to deliver unlimited character slots. So create as many character slots as you can.


Other than creating new characters, there is also the option of customizing existing ones. Players will have the liberty of customizing all the characters available. Any or all the parts of the character can be modified without any limitations. Give your own touch to each anime character.

Game Modes

This mod rendition does not make any major changes to the existing game modes. The official Gacha Club game modes will be present here. There is a chance that the developers might make changes to modes in future updates. Till then, play the Story, Studio, Tower, and Battle modes.

These are just the highlight features of this mod rendition. Players are going to get a lot more than this once they install the game. If you are a Gacha enthusiast, then you would love to try out more versions such as Gacha Art and Gacha Cute. We have offered plenty more versions on this website.

How to Download and Install Gacha Plus Game File?

The game file can be downloaded easily from the presented download buttons. There are two download buttons shared for user ease. A tap on any button will initiate the download process. Downloading will begin automatically after waiting for a few seconds. Installing the file will be safe for players.

To begin installation, players must enable installation permission for files downloaded from third-party sources. This permission is present in the Android phone settings>security settings. After this simple process, players can follow the default installation process by locating the downloaded file.

Key Features of Gacha Plus Game

  • This mod game is free to download and play.
  • It does not require in-game purchases.
  • Get free access to unlimited new assets.
  • It does not require a gamer account sign-in.
  • Third-party advertisements are not supported.
  • Play the existing game modes without limitation.
  • Solve the mini-game puzzles.
  • Create new characters to scratch.
  • Customize the existing anime characters.
  • Gamers can import their friend’s characters.
  • Play on high-end devices for the best experience.
  • Many more…

Final Words

All the Gacha enthusiasts are going to love this latest mod. The Gacha Plus Game presents new exciting assets every two weeks and much more to explore.

Playing this modified version is safe for gamers.
Yes, the game file is completely safe to download and install on Android devices.
This modified game is not present on the Google Play Store.