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Download Latest Version Of Gacha Neon APK For Android Smartphones & Tablets To Play Gacha Game With Extra Features & Objects For Free.

APK Details
April 2, 2024
5.0 and Above
165.2 MB
Games, Casual

  • New Game Modes
  • Expanded Customization
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • No Registration Required
  • Completely Ad-Free


Gacha Neon is the latest remastered version of the famous anime role-playing casual game Gacha Life with an extra bunch of features and customization tools and items. Download and install the latest version of Gacha Neon Game on your smartphone and tablet to enjoy the enhanced Gacha app with more creative freedom for free.

The new moded Gacha game will offer the same gameplay and game modes as the official version. However, players prefer this modified version of the game because it allows users to unlock all premium features, items and other game resources that are not available in the official game version for free.

If you are bored playing Gacha Luminal and Gacha Cute, and looking for a new altered or modded version with unlocking all items and extra features then you must download and install the latest version of this upgraded modified version which we are sharing here for you. Before downloading this new remastered version, read this whole article to learn about the extra features and other items you will get for free in this new remastered version.

What is Gacha Neon Apk?

After reading the name of the app many Android users have already got enough information about this new Gacha app developed and released by Lunime Android and iOS users from all around the world who want to play new Gacha games with unlock items, extra features and unique anime characters for free.

As you know all famous Android games and apps have so many premium game items and features which do not allow users to enjoy the whole gameplay. Players must unlock all premium game items and other features to enjoy the entire gameplay. To unlock these premium game items and features players need to complete various tasks and missions or pay real money for each item in the game.

Mostly rookie players don’t have game skills to complete tasks and missions so they prefer the moded version of the game which is developed by third-party developers with unlimited game items. If you also love playing moded games then you may also love this new moded version of the Gacha Life game with unlimited game resources.

One thing to keep in mind while downloading this remastered version of the app is that it is not an official app so it is not safe and legal to download and use. Due to this, it has been removed from all official app stores. To download this new moded version, players can visit any safe and secure third-party website or download it from our website for free.

After downloading and installing the latest version of Gacha Neon Game players will get the below-mentioned game features and items.

Key Features

Gacha and Diamonds::

Gacha Neon App provides players with 700 Gacha coins and 100 game diamonds at the start of the game which they can use to unlock new tasks and missions in the game. To add more coins players have to complete different game levels in the game.


The game is available in more than 20 different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Philipino, Malay, Polish, Taiwanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, etc. Players can easily change their language from the game settings at any time.


In this new game version players get a chance to chat with other players using 20 different font styles, 15 text styles, 11 emotes, and more than 20 different chat bubbles and outline colours.


Players get a chance to customize more than 20 pets like Neko, Alien, Cub, Buggy, Lizzy, Snail, Shatky, Seal, Iguana, Hoshi, Pony, Bunny, Bat, Ichingo, Inu, Fairy Bug etc. Players can easily connect a pet with a Gacha character by tapping on the star options while playing the game in studio mode.


In this new version, players will also have the option to use different objects like a chair, Planet, Ball, Rainbow, Bicycle, balloon, motorbike, leaf, Sword, aeroplane etc.


Players will also have the option to change character presets from more than 200 different presents like Lado, Valli, Pakupaku, Limea, Tidd, Bunuku, Julius, Bex, Kiwi, Manami Lin, Aiai, Hatsya K, Matt, Radd, Robin, Male Cry, Ren, Roger, Max, Nise, Lexia, Nico, Patch, Aria, Sye, Aro etc.


In this modified version, players will get new characters like Gacha DJ, Luni, Charlotte, Lemo, Yuni, Rein etc.

Mini Games:

More than 20 different mini-games are available to players, including Lemo & Yuni Dance!, Mascot Whack!, Usagi vs Neko, and Memory Match.

Battle Modes:

In a Gacha Neon battle mode players will get the below-mentioned different modes,

Training Mode

  • In training mode, players get a chance to boost their game skills using different training modes like Enhancement Stars, Skill Moons and Awakening Records.

Story Mode

  • In story mode, players will get different game modes like Elemental Tower and Main Story modes.

Gacha Banners:

In this tab, players will get different Gacha banners like Standard, Water, Wind, Fire, Light, Dark, Tickets, Gold etc.


Free to download and play with extra free game items and an ads-free gaming experience.


Gacha Neon App Download is the latest Modified Version of the Gacha Game with extra features and customization items. If you love playing Gacha games with extra features then try this new game app and share it with your family and friends. Subscribe to our page at APKLadda for more free Gacha Apps And Games for free.

It is a simple Gacha Life Mod Version with unlocked game items, extra customization features and tools.
No, this mod version is not safe and legal to download and use.
Android users will APK files of this new Moded Version for free on their official website and our website for free.