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Gacha Evolution

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Download Latest Version of Gacha Evolution Apk For Android Smartphones & Tablets To Pay New Gacha Club Game For Free.

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April 2, 2024
5.0 and Above
119 MB
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  1. Gacha System
  2. New items and accessories
  3. New character creation options
  4. Collection Mechanics
  5. In-Game Events
  6. Social Elements
  7. Constant Updates


Gacha Evolution is the latest mod version of the famous mobile animation game Gacha Club with enhanced characters, accessories, pets, backgrounds and other game objects. Download and install the latest version of the Gacha Evolution Game on your smartphone and tablet to enjoy the original Gacha Club game for free.

In this new Gacha club game players will experience the same gameplay as other Gacha club games such as Gacha Life, Gacha Ultra etc. However, there are a few extra features, game modes, characters, and events that make this Gacha club game stand out from previous games.

If you are also looking for the Gacha Club mod version where you will get extra features and game objects then you must download and install the latest version of this updated Gacha Club app which we are sharing here for you. This is an unofficial app that why it has been removed from the Google Play store and other official app stores. Players can visit any safe and secure third-party website to download and install them.

What is the Gacha Evolution App?

As the name indicates it is the new and latest mod version of the Gacha Club game developed and released by Lunime for Android and iOS users who want to play the new Gacha Club game where they get a chance to battle against other online players in different tournaments with advanced weapons and accessories for free.

Friendly to say, that there are tons of official and third-party Gacha Club games available for Android users on both official and third-party websites. The original game version has so many limitations and restrictions due to which Gacha Club fans prefer mod versions developed and released by third-party developers with extra features.

Mostly Mod Gacha Club Apps and games stop working after some time and players need to search for new mod versions that work for them. To help such Gacha Club fans we always share updated mod versions of the Gacha Club game. Today we are back with a new mod version which they will love to play after knowing all the below-mentioned features and game objects like,

Key Features of Gacha Evolution


Players will get a chance to customize 10 primary characters as well as 90 extra Gacha characters where they get a chance to alter almost everything about characters. Players will be able to get more than 600 poses to choose from while customising characters.

Apart from characters players will also have a chance to customize game objects and pets. Once they reach level 10 in this game they will able to import and export customised characters, objects and pets in the game.

Game Modes

In this revised version of the Gacha game players will get four different battle modes.

  • Training Mode: In training mode, players get a chance to train their custom characters, and poets before using them in studio and life modes.
  • Story: In story mode players get different built-in game stories which they have to complete to unlock new game features and items. While playing the game in story mode players have to launch battle units and other game objects.
  • Shadows of Corruption: Players must complete level 2 in story mode to unlock this new game mode. During this new game mode, players must obtain unique units to battle them in this new game mode.
  • Tower Mode: In tower mode, players can earn gems by battling other players. Players utilize these gems to unlock premium game items and new objects.

Studio Mode:

In studio mode, players can create an exclusive scene using their own customized characters. While creating scenes in studio mode players get a chance to add characters, pets, and objects anywhere on the screen. Option to make your characters talk to each other and pets too. Players will also get a chance to change the background and other features of the scene according to their needs.


In the Gacha system, players will get more than 180 game units and 150 pets which players can easily use in battle to increase their status. Apart from normal units players will also be able to access rare units like corrupted and DJ units too.

Mini Games:

In this new version of the Gacha game players will get the chance to play tons of fun mini-games that help players earn bytes which are the primary currency for the Gacha game version. Players use bytes to buy objects, pets and charters directly from the game store.

Constant Updates:

To engage more players third-party developers frequently update this mod Gacha club game so that players will not miss any important events in-game.

Evolution and Upgrades:

In this new mod version players get a chance to enhance and upgrade various game characters, pets and other objects to make them more powerful using different training modes, game tickets and rewards for free.


This new Gacha Club game is free to download and play.


Gacha Evolution App Download is the latest Gacha Club game with a built-in Gacha system where players have to customize almost all game features, objects, characters etc and create their own scenes. If you are looking for a new Gacha Club game version with new features then you must try this app and share It with people.

It is a revised version of all official Gacha club games which helps players access all Gacha games with just a single for free.
Yes, this new Gacha Club game is free to download and play.
Yes, this online game app is safe and legal to download and play.