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Download Latest Version v3.3 of BD NET VPN APK for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets to Access Geo-locked Apps and Websites Free.

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April 2, 2024
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  • Free to Use
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • High Level Security
  • Multi-Protocol Support


Different government and internet service providers had different ways of controlling the internet traffic. This leads to a variation in the list of sites and apps that can or cannot be used by Android mobile phone and tablet users. But when you have an application like BD NET VPN installed on your device, life gets easier.

The virtual private network tools are a great way to escape the restrictions and get access to what is otherwise not possible living in a particular geographical location. Though there are thousands of such options, you must choose only the reliable and trustworthy options on your Android device. That is the reason why, we are here with an Android package kit file for you to download and use.

What is BD NET VPN?

The BD NET VPN latest version brings a VPN tool that establishes a virtual connection to the World Wide Web from a different route thus bypassing all the limits and restrictions currently applied by the internet service providers in your locality. When active, it actually bypasses all the constraints without showing your personal information or leaching the data that is important.

As there are many other similar tools in the third-party app market as well as on Google Play Store, then why you should opt the BDNET? The reasons are too many but the most convincing ones include the free-to-use, privacy-oriented, and multiple server locations to pick from, as the major ones. So why bother with the alternatives when you get all that you want in one place?

Key Features of This Android VPN Tool

Just like Psiphon Pro and Howdy VPN, the BD NET VPN Android app makes sure you are using a totally trustworthy and privacy-centric tool. Get easy, as your data and traffic safety are ensured with a tap only. After downloading and installing the latest version, here is what you get:

Free to Use

Forget about spending money while attempting to secure a connection online. You are going to save loads of money while getting the same services and options for free. Thanks to the advertisement-based work model, you will have to pay nothing to use this virtual private network tool. Although the advertisements on the screen now and then will be the only nuisance you have to face.

Network/Geo-restriction Bypass

No matter what country you live in, the state always attempts to control what the citizens can access. At the same time, some of our favorite apps are also restricted to certain geographical locations and countries. Now if you want to remove these barriers and find your favorite websites accessible and apps usable, then what else can be asked for? Overcome these hindrances now by utilizing the powerful BD NET VPN app. The whole internet is at your fingertips now.

Support for Multiple Protocols

According to the global standards, this tool comprises not just multiple protocols to boost the security and safety of the routed traffic, it also makes sure there is a low burden on each channel. This is ensured by offering multiple servers at the same time. You can manually choose a server or let the platform select the most suitable one based on background data.

User Security and Privacy

By placing multiple protocols in tandem in addition to the encryption technology this tool makes sure you are safe 24/7. The BD NET VPN comes with all these pre-installed features, and you will benefit from it as long as you want to use them. Your data and traffic is always protected and kept encrypted.

10 Different Servers

There are around 10 dedicated servers, always online to help you choose your desired network. With one tap, you can connect and establish the connection and use it as long as you want. You get the option to pick between them or let the tool pick one for you based on your region and the traffic data.

Simple Interface

One of the main features this application has to offer includes, the possibility of using a plain and simple interface. You will find an interface that shows the default server as well as the connection button. A single tap connects you to the network and shows you the current status on the screen. The unlocking happens at that time and helps you access the restricted menu.

How to Get BD NET VPN Download and Installation Done?

There is a simple process involved. Here is what an Android user has to do:

  1. Tap the download button on this page and wait for the next interface to appear. Go ahead and press this icon.
  2. Now it will show ‘Download Anyway,’ along with a warning message. Ignore the warning as you are on a trusted website and press this button.
  3. Go ahead and enable unknown sources from ‘Security Settings’ under the ‘Settings’ icon on the main menu. After this, you will be able to install apps using Android package kit files.
  4. Tap the ‘Files’ icon from the main screen now and locate the ‘Downloads’ folder. This folder contains the BD NET VPN file.
  5. Tap on the file and allow permissions. Then press the ‘Next’ button on the action window and wait for installation to complete.

After this, you can locate the application icon and use it directly.


Going for a third-party app to get your access restrictions removed while browsing the internet or using apps? You need something like BD NET VPN. It provides a hassle-free and easy interface to connect to a private network, routing your data to overcome the restrictions. Tap the download link now.

Yes, it is safe and you can use it without any additional precautions.
Yes, you will get a scanned and verified package file for installation.
Yes, you will get the latest version of this application for use.